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Many people enjoy Texas Tail Vodka all by itself. For those who are searching for more adventure, we've got some tasty recipes that everyone will love.

Texas Tail Vodka Drink Recipes

  1. Classic 54
    1 ½ oz. Texas Tail Vodka
    1 ½ oz. Amaretto Garnish: orange peel
    Served on the rocks
  2. White Tail
    1 ¼ oz. Texas Tail Vodka
    1 oz. sweet and sour
    1 Egg white
    2 jalapenos
    Splash orange juice 2 dash orange bitters
    Shake and strain
    Garnish: floating jalapeno slice
    Served up or on the rocks
  3. Texas Heat
    1 oz. Texas Tail Vodka
    1 oz. watermelon juice
    1 ½ oz. sweet and sour
    3 pickled jalapenos
    Shake and strain
    Garnish: cherry and jalapeno slice on toothpick
    Served up or on the rocks
  4. Texas Drill
    1 oz. Texas Tail Vodka
    3 Dashes Orange Bitters
    Fill Sugar Free Red Bull
    Splash Orange Juice
    Float Blue Curacao Garnish: orange slice
    Served on the rocks or tall
  5. Heart of Texas
    1 oz. Texas Tail Vodka
    1 oz. Grapefruit Juice
    ½ oz. Lemon Juice
    ½ oz. Lime Juice
    ½ oz. Agave Nectar
    Shake and Strain Garnish: (cinnamon optional)
    Served up or on the rocks
  6. Red Tail
    1 oz. Texas Tail Vodka
    2 oz. Texas Craft Pilsner Beer
    Fill Bloody Mary
    Mix Garnish: Mixed chili-spice powder rim
    2 limes (one inside / one rimmed)
    Served on tall rocks, Collins or pint
  7. Bambi
    1 oz. Texas Tail Vodka
    ½ oz. Peach Flavored Brandy
    1 oz. Lemonade
    Fill Sparkling Wine Garnish: orange twist
    Served in a fluted glass
  8. Texas Tail Tea
    ¾ oz. Texas Tail Vodka
    ¾ oz. Barenjager Honey Liqueur
    ¾ oz. Sweet Tea Vodka
    Fill Sweet & Sour Garnish: 2 lemon wheels (one inside/ one rimmed)
    Served in a mason jar

*All Recipes Hand Crafted by J. Martini

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