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The spirit of Texas Tail Vodka includes high-quality, natural and organic ingredients all found in the great state of Texas - pure Texas water, Texas grown corn and wheat, and authentic Texas distillers who understand how great vodka should taste.

hand-crafted vodka

Texas Tail Vodka

Texas Tail Vodka allows consumers to enjoy the smooth, authentic Texas vodka flavor while responsibly experiencing the Texas-inspired "good life" - from hunting and fishing to celebrating with family and friends or just simply relaxing after an honest day's work. We distill our vodka six times, so you enjoy the crisp, natural Texas vodka experience you're looking for - whether it's straight or mixed with your favorite flavors.

Never stop chasing is more than a tagline. It's the one piece of advice that we believe sets us apart from all the rest. We chased a dream that originated in Alvin, Texas - to make smooth, local Texas vodka that people can enjoy, no matter what drives them. Whether you're chasing a good time, an adventure or a dream that only you know about - you can always rest assured that there's a company that understands you. So chase your own dreams - when you need a break, or a quiet time to reflect on those dreams, find a responsible way to enjoy a few sips of our dream.

We'll never be the biggest Texas vodka brand on the block. We'll never run a Super Bowl ad. And chances are, you won't find our product being swilled by A-listers at fancy events in Hollywood. We are, however, committed to making the very best hand-crafted Texas vodka we know how. With a smooth flavor, pure ingredients, and a little bit of Texas in every pour, we'll always work hard to give our customers just what they deserve. Are we there yet? We're not sure, but one thing we know for sure - we'll never stop chasing.

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